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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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avenue in east palo alto. we also have a developing story on the bay bridge, unfortunately, busy commute spot. a two-car crash just past the metering lights. so where all those lanes merge, you can maybe see it a little bit in our traffic shot. it's a little hard to tell you about there may be a little about the of flashing lights right there. it is slow up the incline so even past the accident it is going to be a slow crawl this morning up towards the "s" curve and traffic is beginning to back up before the pay gates. the metering lights remain off. we'll have more traffic coming up in a bit. several police patrol cars were vandalized in san francisco this morning. >> stephanie chuang has more on the suspect that was arrested this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was here just a couple of hours ago that police got the report here on the 900 block of bryant street. a woman armed with a knife attacked a man before then turning her attention to this, to the patrol cars parked just a block away smashed in the wind shields of this patrol car
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and the two right behind it. these vehicles are out of service right through where they are getting repaired. sergeant malcolm anderson says the homeless man was heading to a shelter for a shower when a woman came out of a tent. the man says she was holding what looked look a butcher knife. he feared for his life, tried to pepper spray her, ran back and heard she was braking breaking windshields. he went to the police station and told them. she was then arrested without incident. she is 42 years old from san francisco. they called an ambulance to check her but she seemed fine. they do not believe that she was drunk but they did find a steak knife not a butcher knife. she was booked shortly into county jail where she faces felony vandalism charges and that's because three windshields broke at about $400
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each, that's $1,200. so that's the very latest. a man found shot in the garage of a clubhouse at the east bay dragons motorcycle club has died this morning. anne makovec is in oakland to explain that it might be a retaliation killing. >> reporter: that is the theory that police are working off right now. we did stop by the east bay dragons motorcycle club on international boulevard. we were there earlier this morning and there are candles lit around the entrance. he was shot in the garage. police say the suspected shooter they believe had been kicked out of the club earlier that evening. they think the shooter came back for revenge and shot a manage several times in the garage. the victim died later at the hospital. my first question as a reporter
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when i heard about this, could this have anything to do with the shooting over the weekend of the president of the hells angels club down in san jose who was shot in sparks, nevada? and there was some concern by police at that point that there could be other retaliation violence with other motorcycle gangs. police don't think there is any connection between the two shootings. it apps at this appears that this was related to being kicked out earlier in the evening. >> thank you,. washington will help put more cops on the street in the city of oakland. the city is getting money from a federal grant. mayor jean quan will be representative barbara lee at an news conditions this morning to give us details. the grant is coming from the u.s. justice department's community oriented policing services program. st. mary's college is dealing with two reports of sexual assaults in just two weeks. moraga police say the latest
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incident happened sunday. a student told officers she was raped by two male acquaintances in an on campus dorm room of the police have identified the two suspects but haven't made arrests. in a different case that's less than two weeks earlier an 18- year-old student was arrested on suspicion of rape but has been released pending test results. murder suspect giselle esteban is due back in an alameda county courtroom this morning. >> she is. the union city woman is expected tonighter a plea in the case of michelle le. le was a former friend of esteban whose remains were found 11 days ago. esteban didn't enter a plea in a previous court appearance last week. and more than -- ♪ [ music ]♪ >> more than 100 people turned out in oakland yesterday evening for a vigil in le's le -- in le's memory. yesterday marked four months from when she was last seen alive. the attendees included
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volunteers who searched for le while she was missing. >> it was just to be there for compassion, help the family, help the police ee little 1998 areas of interest and to, you know, narrow down where they should be searching and just be there for that family. they needed the help. i'm part of the community and it doesn't get any more community than this. >> le's family hopes to hold private memorials in the future. the university plans to set up a scholarship in her honor. break out the otter pops! >> you have to stay cool. >> it was hot in my place yesterday. >> we called them cool pops. it was 70 walking in work today. >> love those otter pops! let's break them out now. hot temperatures around the bay area, want to have something cool to drink. temperatures nice to the coastline today. mostly clear skies to begin with. we do have a couple of patches of fog at the beaches but that is it. and it is going to be heating
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up in a hurry. right now you can already see some warmer temperatures over the mountaintops. that offshore wind down below in the valleys very mild 64 degrees in mountain view, 60 in livermore and 63 degrees in vallejo. this afternoon, yup, it's going to be hot. 90s showing up in many of the valleys. you are going to see a lot of 80s inside the bay, 70s into san francisco. let's check the roads again with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and we have an accident at the base of the incline on the upper deck of the bay bridge. this is not a good way to start off your morning commute. they already turned on the metering lights about a half hour earlier than typical at the bay bridge. so traffic is already stacking up past the pay gates. looks like they are trying to focus this shot to give you a better glimpse of where the accident is. it's just past the meter lights where the lanes merge. one car is blocking two lanes. there are a couple of other cars on the shoulder so we have been taking a lot of calls from the kcbs phone force on this one. we'll continue to watch the bay bridge plus we have an accident on city streets, serious
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injuries there in east palo alto. so lots going on this morning. back to you. >> thank you. making me a little dizzy there. >> that camera was wigging out there. the michael jackson death trial off to a dramatic start. >> it is. the haunting recovering played from the pop star himself. >> thank you, vice mayor kelly. i appreciate and accept your apology. >> apology accepts but is all forgiven? why the councilman accused of slapping his colleague may not be off the hook. >> look out. a northern california street is on fire. how a broken gas line led to evacuations. that and much more when grace and i come back.
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tow crews arrived on the scene of the upper deck of the bay bridge. at the base of the inklein. busy morning already at the bay bridge. metering lights are on. plus we are following a serious injury crash. it started with a police chase in east palo alto. we'll have it all for you and more in traffic in a few
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minutes. >> thank you. a major street near sacramento is closed and is still cooling this morning after it was on fire for several hours. they burned riverside avenue near interstate 80 in roseville. the fire was fed by a broken natural gas line. no one was hurt but some businesses in the area were evacuated. this was the second time in a year that a gas line has broken under that same street. san francisco fire investigators are looking for the cause of this. it chased more than a dozen people out of their homes in the lower haight neighborhood. the four-alarm fire started at the top floor of the building at fillmore and haight streets yesterday afternoon. phone was hurt. there is a walgreens on the street floor and 25 residences above. sausalito's vice mayor mike kelly issued a public apology last night for slapping the hand of another city council member two weeks ago. carolyn ford shushed kelly at
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the end of a long meeting. last night's meeting was the council's first since the incident. a new seating chart now separated them. >> this was truly uncharacteristic behavior on my part. i am deeply embarrassed by my action and i apologize to carolyn ford and to the citizens of sausalito. going forward, no matter how passionate or heated the debate, i promise to conduct myself in a respectful manner that befits the office of sausalito councilmember. >> thank you, vice mayor kelly. i appreciate and accept your apology. >> now, ford had said she might stop pursuing the assault charge she filed against kelly if kelly apologized. and as you see, he did. more than a million toys recalled. the choking concerns with a very popular toy brand coming up. [ slurred speech ]
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>> michael jackson's words come back from the grave, the haunting recording played at his doctor's trial and a live report on what we'll hear today. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the trial for michael jackson's doctor will continue today down in l.a. >> the courtroom heard michael jackson's voice yesterday and the physician accused of killing the singer got emotional. concerning hawkins joins us from los angeles -- kirk hawkins joins us from los angeles. good morning, kirk. >> reporter: grace and frank, good morning to you. now, we heard both sides, their arguments, yesterday. later on today, we are going to continue to hear more about those arguments as they try to flesh them out and detail more about the days leading up to michael jackson's death and also the immediate aftermath. that's when the trial is examined to resume this morning at about 8:45. but as you take a look at video that we got from late yesterday, you can see catherine jackson led her family out of the courthouse in downtown l.a. after what latoya jackson told us was a difficult first day in the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. as part of opening statements, prosecutors described murray as an incompetent physician. the defense portrayed him as a caring friend.
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prosecutors played a disturbing recording of the king of pop and director kenny ortega says he tried to intervene and get the singer some serious help. [ slurred speech ] >> he was upset that i didn't allow michael to rehearse the night before and that i sent him home. and he was upset that i, uhm, -- he said he should stop trying to be an amateur doctor and psychologist and be the director and allow michael's health to him. >> reporter: at times inside the courtroom murray was emotional as he cried during
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the opening statements. catherine jackson did the same thing hours later when prosecutors played four minutes of jackson's final rehearsal of two songs. later on this morning we are expecting to see them to continue to work their way through that witness list. we are going it hear from an aeg executive as well as one of the bodyguards of michael jackson as well as one of his personal assistants. that's the latest live in downtown l.a. i'm kirk hawkins. now back to you. >> kirk, what was the reaction -- maybe not so much in the courtroom but outside and down in l.a. when we heard michael jackson's voice. he sounded heavily sedated. you played a little excerpt from that. what was the reaction? >> reporter: it was chilling and disturbing. a lot of us in the overflow room above the courtroom, we were shocked. we were told that latoya jackson reached out to her mother, they held hands while they played it for 42 seconds
6:19 am
out. side the courtroom fans said it was something at the didn't want to hear but members of jackson's family were just stunned when they heard all of it and it really came as a surprise. we should also mention that there was a photo released yesterday inside the courtroom. it was of michael jackson on a gurney at ucla. at that point the jackson family clearly stunned. it was something that they really also weren't expecting. >> tough for that family. >> yeah. it was a little disturbing and odd because he is the king of pop. just unreal. >> all right. thanks, kirk. big traffic development this morning. let's kick it over to elizabeth to find out what's going on, on the roads. >> reporter: accident east palo alto on city streets. this is where it is according to our maps. it's there at the intersection of university and bay and we have just learned within the last few minutes this was a fatal accident and it started all with a police chase. i believe we have chopper 5 just arrived over the scene. you can see all the police cars and again this intersection looks like it's completely
6:20 am
blocked. this is at the intersection once again university and bay. in east palo alto. so this was a fatal police pursuit. at this point we don't know if it was the suspect or the police officer who was killed. we know there was a motorcyclist involved and arrest has been made and university avenue is blocked in both directions. so willow road is going to be your best alternate. this was reported around 5:15 this morning when we first got word. and we were told at last check there was a lot of debris on the road so it was going to take a while to clear. obviously now there is going to be a long investigation to get through, as well. so chopper 5 is over the scene. we'll stay there. we have a news crew heading to the scene as well so we are continuing to watch this breaking news on city streets in east palo alto. let's go out toward the bay bridge. it is a busy morning here as well because we're still dealing with an accident. it is just past the metering lights and blocking two lanes still so at last check tow crews were out there trying to clear it. but it is still there. it was a crash involving a couple of different cars so
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they turned on the metering lights. that is why you see this early- morning backup. it extends beyond the west grand overcrossing. this is the time when they typically turn on the metering lights we just start to see delays but unfortunately it extends for 15 minutes to get on the bridge. and then again passes the pay gates they still have the two lanes blocked. so yeah, if you need to get somewhere on time, bart may be your best alternate. that is running all trains on schedule. that is a check of traffic. let's update your forecast. hopefully better news in the weather department. >> yeah. it is looking very nice outside. we are going to see lots lot. it's going to be hot, probably the peak of the heat on this wednesday as we are seeing plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline as we look in toward the afternoon. clear and mild start around the bay area. it is a "spare the air" day. those offshore winds are clearing out your skies nicely in the bay and the interior valleys now. just a couple of patches of fog
6:22 am
at the coastline. sunshine for everyone. mid-90s hotspots inland. 60s at the coast and 80s inside the bay. high pressure ridge in control now. it looks like will start to weaken toward tomorrow. temperatures coming down but temperatures hot. 90s inland, 80s inside the bay and 60s at the beaches. next couple of days, temperatures cool off a few degrees. more cooling over the weekend. we may just start talking about some rain as we look toward next week. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> rain? that's a four-letter word. >> it is a four-letter word. very good. >> might be coming, too. it is 6:22. you talk about no fear. >> beach-goers jump in to help a stranded great white shark. that's right a shark. the risky rescue all caught on tape. look at this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we continue to follow it fatal accident in easts palo alto. university avenue is shut down in both directions between bay road and runny immediate street. we still don't have an estimate time of re-opening but this crash started with a police chase. we are still trying to get pour details. police and fire are on the
6:26 am
scene. a venice beach surfer rescued a baby white shark this weekend. the video went viral. surfers held it down while another man removed a hook with his bare hands. and then they take the shark put it back in the water and watch it swim away. >> that's an hombre there. >> that's manly, stupid. a new recall involves a choking hazard. a toymaker of little tykes issued a warning for more than 1 1/2 million toy workshops and toolsets. the consumer product safety commission says the toys have oversized plastic nails that might cause your young toddler to choke. it's happened twice so far so they both recovered but if you have one, take a look at it. 6:27. coming up, some bad news for wine lovers. >> yeah. why a certain grape may not
6:27 am
have as many health benefits as we first thought. >> plus, cop cars vandalized in the bay area. how a homeless man reportedly stopped the smashing spree. >> and a man is killed after a shooting at a local motorcycle club. what police believe may have led up to it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gains. stock futures higher this morning as traders hope to
6:30 am
continue building on this week's gains. >> investors are checking the report that durable goods orders were mainly flat last month as demand for cars drop. cbsmoneywatch reporter jason brooks will have some early results and the latest from europe coming up in about 15 minutes in a live report. good morning, it is wednesday, september 28. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we begin with breaking news, this out of east palo alto. a police pursuit has turned deadly. >> it has. and we have some video here. a major intersection is shut down as an investigation is under way. let's go straight to elizabeth in the traffic center. she has the very latest. >> yeah, good morning, guys. that's right. chopper 5 is live overhead. you can see it in this camera shot here behind me. the intersection that remains shut down is university and bay. a pretty popular intersection at this time of the morning. and university avenue remains shut down in both directions as you mentioned this started around 5:5. there was a police pursuit and it ended in a deadly crash
6:31 am
right there in east palo alto so at this point we don't know who was killed. we can see from chopper 5 that there is a motorcycle on the ground so we know there was a motorcyclist involved. we also know from chp that one arrest has been made. so as far as traffic goes in the area, university again blocked in both directions. there is debris all over the roadway. and the investigation is going to be ongoing for a while because this is a fatal accident. so willow road is going to be your best alternate in the meantime. we are following a developing story at the bay bridge. very busy this morning. there was an accident at the base of the incline. for a while a couple of lanes were blocked. they just cleared that four-car crash to the right shoulder. unfortunately, the damage has been done. it is backed up all the way into the macarthur maze at least a 20-minute wait or so to get you on the span. they turned the metering lights on a half hour early. we are continuing to watch the bay bridge and city streets. we'll have it all coming up in traffic in a fuller report in a
6:32 am
few minutes. a woman is behind bars accused of vandalizing several patrol cars. >> the san francisco police say a homeless woman armed with a knife smashed the windshield, you see them here, of three marked patrol cars. this is on bryant street here in the city. it happened about two hours ago. a homeless man reportedly stopped the woman with pepper spray. police arrested the suspect and charged her with felony vandalism. motorcycle club shooting is now a murder investigation. and oakland police say revenge may be the motive. anne makovec is in oakland where the victim was gunned down inside a garage. she joins us with more. >> reporter: police are not releasing the name of the victim yet but he appears to be fairly popular. we stopped by the motorcycle club the east bay motorcycle club earlier this morning and there's already a memorial set up, several candles burning. here at the oakland police station, police are trying to crack this case. they have not said whether or not they have a suspect in
6:33 am
custody yet. you're looking at some video from last night. the shooting happened around 9:30. the east bay dragons motorcycle club is on 88th and international. police say a man was shot several times in the garage of the motorcycle club. he was taken to the hospital where he died soon after. now, the theory that police are work off of right now is that the suspected shooter may have been kicked out of the club earlier in the evening and then perhaps he returned and then shot this man several times. we know that there were dozens of people waiting outside of the hospital as this man was dying overnight. again, it does appear to be a fairly popular member of the club. but police are not confirming whether or not he was indeed a member of the club. now, you may remember there was a shooting last memorial day. a man and a woman were shot at a sideshow in east oakland outside of the club. and at that point members of
6:34 am
the eats bay dragon asked the media to be sure we didn't say that it had any involvement with the east bay dragons. they were very concerned about their image at that point. it doesn't appear as if these shootings have anything to do with one another at this point. but we'll keep you posted as police release more information. back to you. >> thank you. it looks like oakland will be able to put more police on the streets very soon. the city is getting some money all from a federal grant. mayor jean quan will be with representative barbara lee at a news conference to give us the details. the grant is coming from the u.s. justice department's community oriented policing services program. more on that coming up this morning. the woman accused of murdering a nursing student will be back in an alameda county courtroom this morning. >> giselle esteban is expected to enter a plea in the case of michelle le a former friend of hers. esteban did not enter a plea in her previous court appearance last week. ♪ [ music ] in the meantime more than 100 people turned out in
6:35 am
oakland yesterday for a vigil in le's memory at samuel merritt university where le was in the nursing program. yesterday marked four months from when le was last seen alive. a lot of volunteers attended the vigil. >> just be there for compassion, narrow down where they should be searching and just be there for that family. they needed the help. and i'm part of the community and it doesn't get any more community than that. >> le's pam family plans to hold private memorials in the future. samuel merritt university plans to set up a scholarship in le's honor. >> let's kick it back to liz about the now on that deadly motorcycle accident down in east palo alto. elizabeth is this. >> as you mentioned this happened on city streets. it all started with a police chase. it ended in what we learned is now a fatal crash. so this is actually impacting traffic to and from the dumbarton bridge. the actual scene where the
6:36 am
accident happened is right there at that intersection of university and bay. university is shut down in both directions between bay and runnymede streets so you're going to want to use willow road as your alternate in the meantime. again, this investigation looks like it could continue for a while. we have heard from some members of the kcbs phone force that there was a lot of debris on the road. the road is a mess in the area. a motorcyclist was involved. again we are still trying to gather details. we have a news crew on the scene, as well. so at this point, we don't know exactly the person that was killed. we just know it was started with a police chase. again it ended with a fatal crash at that intersection. coming up, we are also going to get a check of the bay bridge where it's been a busy morning there, as well. in the meantime, here's lawrence with your forecast. >> why traffic and weather together. we are going to see plenty of sunshine outside around the bay area today a gorgeous day all the way to the coastline. we are heating things up in a hurry and what a nice shot we
6:37 am
have for you this morning. this is the type of weather we like at this time of the year. you get the offshore winds going and clearing out the skies and we get hot temperatures around the bay area, very mild out there right now. many places already up into the 60s. it looks like maybe a patch or two of fog at the coastline and by the end of the afternoon that's all gone. these temperatures running well above the average and looking at the warmest day this week. by the afternoon the temperatures soaring a good 12 to 13 degrees above average. some mid-90s in the hottest spots inland. find 70s into san francisco. and yeah even some hot weather into santa rosa. 10 degrees above the average at 98 degrees. great weather ahead folks but things look cooling down. we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. the idea of moving the metropolitan transportation commission offices is getting another hearing this morning. the mtc is talking about using bridge toll money to move from oakland to san francisco. "the examiner" reports its bid for an old post office building
6:38 am
is down to about $90 million. that's from its earlier $107 million offer. opponents plan to protest before the meeting in oakland today. are you ready, apple fans? the countdown is on for the next new iphone. apple will introduce the i iphone 5 on tuesday. it will be unveiled at apple in cupertino. the event will be the first major product unveiling since cofounder steve jobs resigned as ceo last month. and if that's not enough, amazon is expected to unveil a tablet computer today that's supposed to rock the house. >> it's called the kindle fire and it should retail for half the price of apple's ipad and come in two sizes, 7" and 10" screens. experts believe amazon will sell between three to five million tablets during the holiday shopping season. they are going to go like hotcakes. >> just in time for christmas. all right. we have to find out where this
6:39 am
is. there is a local filling station that's giving away gas. >> okay! well, the freebie could cause a traffic mess in one part of san francisco. stephanie chuang is on the run this morning. she has the latest on all this free gas. fill us in. >> reporter: yeah. well, hey, if we're going to be on the run, free gas is a good story to go to. it's the shell station on mission street. you can get up to 15 gallons of regular gas. and at 3.89 that's a good deal over $58 worth of gas. over there you see san francisco police officer there four to five of them out here. they are getting ready for the pandemonium that will be here shortly. this starts at 7:00 and goes for 90 minutes to 8:30. so he is going to be directing folks. people will come here, they will line up, you can only get the regular grade and the 15 gallons. you can't buy any more. but if you get here again it's going on for 90 minutes and right now pretty quiet. that's because media couldn't reveal the location until this
6:40 am
hour. we are expecting folks to arrive. after the newscast you can head of here also. >> the big question, why? why are they doing it? >> reporter: it's part of a promotional deal. there are sag that they are hitting the big markets. it's -- they say they are hitting the big markets, seattle, miami, here in san francisco. they are saying protect your engine with this nice gas and your wallet with this quick promotional deal. it's the first time they said that san francisco is getting the deal so pretty nice. >> yeah. >> about time. >> 50 bucks saved. we'll do it. okay, stephanie, thanks. 6:40. we are continuing to follow that developing story out on the peninsula. >> yeah, coming up, a live report from the scene of the morning deadly police pursuit that involves the motorcycle you see right there. >> and the market opened just about 11 minutes ago. a quick check of the early numbers shows that we're actually doing well. dow up 51, nasdaq up 7, s&p up 3. we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. well, we are continuing to follow this breaking news out of east palo alto. a police pursuit end in a deadly crash on city streets. chopper 5 is up over that intersection of university
6:44 am
avenue and bay. so university is shut down and has been since about 5:15 this morning between bay and runnymede streets so this accident was involving a motorcycle. again, we have learned that one person -- we don't know who yet -- has been killed. so there is an investigation continuing. they will likely be out there for a while. so in the meantime, while university is shut down, use willow as your alternate. we have a news crew on the scene so we'll be bringing you a live report from the scene very shortly. in the meantime, it's been a very busy morning at the bay bridge. we actually had a four-car crash just past the pay gates. actually past the metering lights, where all those lanes merge together. that was cleared to the shoulder a while ago. unfortunately, they had to turn the metering lights on before 6:00 which is at least a half hour earlier than usual. so we are left with a very big backup this morning at the bay bridge. has been out there for a while, backed up to the macarthur maze. so let's talk alternates for
6:45 am
that. the san mateo bridge actually looks okay. if you have to be somewhere on time this morning, bay bridge will be busy. it takes a long time for things to clear up. that will have a ripple effect well into the morning commute. it's a "spare the air" day so use mass transit. so far we just checked in with bart, systemwide no delay. ace is off to a great start, as well. bart, ace, muni and caltrain no problems. it's been a different story on the roads this morning. motorcycle crash westbound 4 approaching somersville road. it's cleared to the right but slow traffic behind it. your antioch ride is slow all the way coming off the bridge and westbound 580 sluggish as well out of the altamont pass. that drive time is now 24 minutes from the wind turbines towards to the dublin interchange. let's check your forecast with lawrence. >> we got great news and weather a lot of sunshine coming our way. it is a fantastic fall day
6:46 am
outside all the way to the coast with plenty of sun. the mount vaca cam looking good as the sun is just about to come up on the hottest day of the week. as those temperatures are expected to soar around much of the bay area, especially inland, i think those numbers easily up well into the 90s by the afternoon. so it's a very mild start around the bay area. mostly clear skies, and it looks like a "spare the air" day for today but this will probably be it as we are going to see cooler air and a sea breeze kicking in toward the next couple of days so enjoy the sunshine and the clear start this morning. couple patches of fog at the beaches. but by the afternoon plenty of sunshine every where even at the coast. you will see 90s inland, 80s inside the bay and 60s at the beaches. high pressure in control. offshore winds continuing overnight. that will break down toward tonight. that means some cooler temperatures for tomorrow. then you have this guy that's going to push in toward the weekend. that means some much cooler temperatures and maybe some rain as we head in toward next week. temperatures looking like this. 92 degrees morgan hill today.
6:47 am
90 campbell and cupertino. 85 in fremont. 65 degrees and sunny in pacifica. mid-90s in the hottest spots inland by the afternoon. as high as 90 in the napa valley, 94 fairfield, and 93 in pleasant hill. in the north bay you can expect 92 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco looking gorgeous. sunny, 76 degrees there. and 83 in oakland. next couple of days temperatures will start to cool off a bit more cooling over the weekend with a few more clouds getting a little unsettled the beginning of next week. maybe we start to talk about some rain. back to you. >> thank you. a number of countries in europe are making moves to keep their debt under control. >> that's good news. here to talk about it now jason brooks with kcbs and good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, grace. and one of these days, we won't be leading off with another business update with greece but that really is top of mind on wall street. international debt inspectors are in greece today to look at recent austerity moves by that government to figure out
6:48 am
whether or not that will fit into the plan for the eurozone an whether greece will get a third bailout and prevent it from defaulting. that's driven the stock market volatility over the past sessions. in the past couple of days the blue chips up over 400 points after losing nearly 700 last week. manufacturing continues to weaken over the summer. durable goods orders in august falling a tenth of a percent from the month before although july way a solid month a gain of more than 4%. a big decline in automobile orders down 8.5% although we saw a strong and in for computers, machinery, communications and equipment, a strong demand for them. a key part of durable goods orders, future of business investment rose 1.1% so that's a good signal going forward. all eyes on amazon today. a big event in new york city in which the company is expected to debut its own tablet device.
6:49 am
basically it will be a kindle ereader that's souped up. the question is whether or not amazon can take on apple's ipad which just dominates the tablet market making up 3 out of every 4 sales. amazon will morning likely have to price the tablet more aggressively than the entry level ipad which starts at about $500. see how the market's doing? once again another day of strong gains on a lot of euro optimism. the dow is up 103. nasdaq gaining 17. s&p rising by 7. oil down a dollar after a little more than a $4 a barrel gain yesterday. >> i hate to be a stockbroker these days. up 500. down 200. up this, up that. it's been crazy. >> reporter: we have been on this roller coaster for the past two months. we had a little bit of smoothing for a bit in early september but the volatility is nowhere near done. >> i'm sure blood pressure, too. >> last few days are good, though. thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and let's check out what's
6:50 am
happening today on "the early show." >> and let's kick it to new york where erica hill is standing by to give us a little preview. good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. just ahead we are goinghave the latest on the listeria outbreak in canteloupe which the cdc is now saying may be the deadliest food disease outbreak in a decade. here's the good news on all that. dr. jennifer ashton is here to weigh in on the warnings to let us know what we all need to know to keep our families safe. plus, after almost 33 years and 1100 original essays, ""60 minutes"" legend andy rooney will leave the broadcast. we are not quite ready to let him go. so we are going to take a look back at his more memorable moments which is, you know, pretty hard to whittle it down but we'll do our best as we pay tribute this morning to our colleague andy rooney on "the early show." >> i know. i was saying we go to bed early on sundays for obvious reasons on mondays. but it's going to be unusual to
6:51 am
not hear him say hello america at 5 minutes of 8:00. >> exactly. >> "the early show" starting at 7 a.m. we want to go back to a fatal police chase in palo alto has streets closed to traffic now. it kcbs radio's matt bigler is in east palo alto with the latest. reporter: this accident happened in the last half hour so this scene is still here at bay and university in east palo alto. as you can see the motorcycle and truck involved in the accident still here. that motorcycle on its side, the truck behind it. there is a guy standing next to the truck. we are not sure if he was the driver can of the vehicle or not. we have not had a chance to talk to police about this yet. but this is a fatal accident. and that's the reason this is being shut down as police conduct their investigation to find out exactly how this happened. again, one person is dead after a fatal accident involving a pickup truck and a motorcycle. expect this intersection to be closed down for some time. and this is affecting a lot of
6:52 am
traffic coming off of the dumbarton bridge going west. both directions of university are shut down at this point. that's the latest from here in east palo alto. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:52. there is a traffic backup that's expected this morning but this because of a freebie. >> this is a good traffic backup. where bay area drivers can fill up their tanks without forking over one penny. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. the investigation of a deady welcome back. time now is 6:55. if you are just joining us, we have been following the investigation of a deadly police pursuit. it's down in east palo alto. >> it's causing some delays for commuters coming off the dumbarton bridge. let's go to elizabeth for the latest. >> chopper 5 is over the scene. there's a lot of police activity. it is a fatal accident investigation so those likely take a while. so no estimated time when they are going to get streets reopened but university avenue is shut down in both directions right there at bay street at that intersection. in fact, university is shut down between bay and runnymead streets so in the meantime until this investigation wraps up, use willow road as your alternate. again, that intersection is tied up and it is impacting traffic to and from the
6:56 am
dumbarton bridge. we'll have more traffic coming up including a check of the bay bridge in just a couple of seconds. back to you. >> thank you. a killer in oakland's latest murder may have been mad about being connected out of a club. the victim was shot several times at the east bay dragon's motorcycle club on international boulevard. police say that the killer may have been kicked out of an event earlier and returned to open fire. there was word that the victim was recently rehired by the city of oakland after being late off. murder suspect giselle esteban is due back in an alameda county courtroom this morning. she is accused of killing her former friend, michelle le, who was also honored yesterday evening at a vigil in oakland. elizabeth has had a very busy morning but our weatherman has had an easy day, lawrence karnow. i have been hanging out admiring all your hard work today on easy street today. it won'tk long when we'll have that doppler -- it won't be long when we have that doppler active in the next seven disease. but today lots of sunshine and
6:57 am
hot temperatures inland, 80s in the bay. at the coastline, plenty of sunshine there, too. cooler toward thursday and friday. clouds gathering over the weekend, with temperatures dropping off maybe some arena making a return to the bay area the beginning of next week. by the way, today is the last giants game of the season. if you want to go check it out, sunshine, 77 degrees. beautiful out at the park if you want to get out there and enjoy. let's check the traffic now with elizabeth. >> traffic is a mess coming into san francisco unfortunately. if you're using the bay bridge, i guess we are going out to chopper 5 first. this is that accident once again university is shut down in all directions at bay street. there was a fatal police pursuit that ended up in a deadly crash. now let's get to the bay bridge because it's been stacked up to the macarthur maze for a good, gosh, about an hour now because they turned the metering lights on early. there was a four-car crash that has been chloride to the shoulder past the metering lights -- that has been cleared to the shoulder past the metering lights. expect it to be a busy commute for some time at the bay
6:58 am
bridge. again at least a 20 minutes wait or so. they have been cycling through the metering lights slowly, as well. san mateo bridge is a good alternate as well as bart, ace, muni and caltrain. the nimitz through oakland fine past the coliseum. no issues towards downtown oakland. we'll continue to watch this during the traffic cut yens during the "cbs early show" and let you know when the investigation wraps up and they reopen university avenue in east palo alto. >> got your track shoes on. i'm standing on a tall box. do i look tall today? >> that's my box. >> that's the tall box for extra short people. we have to get out of here because we have to get into traffic in san francisco. >> a traffic nightmare for a good reason. a local filling station is about to give away free gasoline. it's all promotional stunt by the shell oil company. the promotion runs only from 7 a.m. to 8:30. that is your window this morning at 3550 mission street in san francisco.
6:59 am
the lines have already begun. avoid the area if you are in a hurry to get anywhere because there's going to be a lot of people lined up to save $50. >> 3550 mission. >> you're on the way. >> hurry up! >> all right. thanks for watching us this morning. local updates at 7:25. >> and coming up next on the early show, michael jackson's doctor on trial. the bombshell recording of the pop star under the influence of heavy drugs. that's straight ahead on "the early show." and we'll see you again tomorrow morning at 4:30. and if you are around at noon, join us then, too. enjoy a beautiful day out there, folks. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. new jersey governor chris christie teases republican voters with a major speech at the reagan library. taking on president obama and congress saying once again he's


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